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Illustration and design

As a designer and illustrator, I work with a lot of music bands (mostly, metal music: psychedelic, doom, black, post-black, post-metal, experimental, gothic, etc).  All kinds of darkness - that's my genre. My works include cover art, merch, poster, cd or vinyl layouts and much more. Almost full spectr of visuals. 

I work with traditional drawings with a bit of digital edition. My clients are Blut Aus Nord, Debemur Morti Productions,  Demetra Sine Die, Hunting the Hidden, Thenighttimeproject, Sleeping Ancient, Chernaa, Beyond Our Ruins, Endless Forms Most Gruesome, I Miss My Death...  and several more projects are confidential while in work. 

I would like to work more on book design and book illustration also.


I’m open for commissions and design/illustration works

contact for details 

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