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Hello, I'm Anna, a Ukrainian graphic artist renowned for my surreal and intuitive style. My passion lies in fine art, where I employ traditional ink-on-paper techniques with an abstract and expressionist twist. The flow of intuitive, abstract imagery in my creations evokes a powerful sense of expression.

My artworks have found homes in collections across the globe, from the UK and France to the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and beyond. I've been an active participant in exhibitions and art fairs since 2017, showcasing my work in vibrant places such as Amsterdam, London, Italy, and the USA.

Beyond my solo endeavors, I've collaborated as an illustrator with diverse music bands worldwide, adding another dimension to my creative journey.

Experimenting with technology, I've ventured into the realm of digital art while maintaining a strong connection to traditional mediums. Art prints and originals of my work are available, allowing enthusiasts to bring a piece of my surreal world into their own spaces.

SOLO Exhibition by Anna Levytska


Zaandam, February 10, 2024 - PLAY Room Gallery invites you to explore the captivating world of 'Monochrome Dreams' by Ukrainian graphic artist Anna Levytska.

 'Monochrome Dreams' introduces a series, reflecting trauma responses through artistic vision. These artworks serve as a reminder to stay strong despite pain and vulnerability, especially in the context of war.

PLAY Room Gallery,

Westzijde 99, 

Zaandam, NL


Opening: February 10, 17:00 PM

Closing: February 18, 17:00 PM


As an artist, I took part in various art fairs and exhibitions globally, including solo showcases since 2017 across the Netherlands, UK, Italy, and beyond. I have a deep appreciation for both participating in and organizing personal and collective events. Explore my latest and upcoming exhibitions here


23-24 March 2024

Kunstmarkt Noord XL

Art Print Market at Expocafe Zamen, Amsterdam.


4-18 March 2023

Beyond Reality

Collective Exhibition in Art Cafe Eijlders, Amsterdam

Instapost 1.png

10-18 February 2024

Monochrome Dreams

Solo Exhibition in PLAY Room Gallery, Netherlands


Spring 2024

In Work

In Process, TBA Soon

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