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About Me

My name is Anna, I am an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine.  I have a degree in Fine Arts, but I discovered that unique style myself. My first exhibition was held in far 2013, a bit later in 2014 I took part in several local events, presenting my works.  After that, it was a period of deadly silence and depression - when finally in 2016 I started to work again. 

In 2017 I had my first international event Four Seasons Art Fair in Amsterdam, Netherland. It was also a year when I started working with music bands on illustrations and designs (design was always my profession, but art was the life itself). In 2018-2019 my work was represented on Art From Below exhibition in London, and Journey of Souls exhibition in Italy.

Nowadays, Art is my life. My works are presented in some art collectives and galleries: for example, SAROS Collective, Dark Art Movement gallery, etc.  My works and interviews were published in Masterpieces 2017, Heavy Music Artwork magazine, Arte Arcana,  Zero Tolerance magazine, Lords of Chaos webzine, Noizr Zine. And I keep working!