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Hello, I'm Anna, Ukrainian graphic artist living in Netherlands. I work in dark, surreal and intuitive style. My passion lies in fine art, where I employ traditional ink-on-paper techniques with an abstract and expressionist twist. 


Art Prints

Art Prints on high-quality 230 gm2 paper, in a variety of sizes


Limited Edition Print

Exclusive Art Prints, signed and numbered. Limited to 10 editions

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Original Drawings

Original drawings created with an ink on paper. Framing is optional

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Original Artworks 

Original Graphic Artworks 2022-2024.

Prices and terms of sale via request

Art Prints

Art print produced on a premium matte paper 230 gm2. The clean lines and balanced composition create a calming ambiance suitable for any setting. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your space, this print is a great addition to your art collection.

From 25 EUR for 20x30 to 80 EUR for 50x70 


As an artist, I took part in various art fairs and exhibitions globally, including solo showcases since 2017 across the Netherlands, UK, Italy, and beyond. I have a deep appreciation for both participating in and organizing personal and collective events. Explore my latest and upcoming exhibitions here


As an artist, my services encompass a range of offerings, including design and illustrations, art prints, original drawings, and event collaboration. I specialize in creating unique designs and illustrations, concept art  tailored to your needs, whether it's for music, publications, or personal projects.


My collection includes high-quality prints of my original artwork, perfect for decorating homes, offices, or giving as gifts, as well as a variety of original drawings, each imbued with creativity and character, suitable for collectors or those seeking one-of-a-kind pieces.


Additionally, I collaborate with individuals and organizations to curate memorable events that celebrate art and creativity, from exhibitions to workshops and beyond. Feel free to reach out to discuss how I can bring creativity and artistic flair to your life!

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